Healthy Church Initiative (HCI)

I have been hearing a lot about ‘HCI’.


What is HCI and how will it affect our church?


The Healthy Church Initiative (HCI) is a process designed to transform churches. The focus is on providing resources and strategies to church pastors, staff, laity, and congregations so that they will be able to reach new people for Christ.  — Bob Farr

HCI process is made up of three main phases:

(1)  HCI trains individuals to become leaders that are truly mission-focused. This is the step that prepares pastors and laity for the consultation process where true change begins to occur.

(2)  HCI coaches and consultants arrive armed with solid data and a wealth of experience to write individualized prescriptions that will revitalize a congregation. When the consultation process is complete, the congregation will decide to accept (or reject) the prescriptions. This decision truly alters the future of the church.

(3)  After accepting the prescriptions, experienced coaches will be there to help the team implement change. This third step is crucial to ensuring that the training and consultation processes translate into a healthy, vibrant congregation that is focused on creating disciples of Christ.


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