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Historian/Librarian – Jean Wimmer


 Having distributed 30ish of the communication questionnaires only 4 where returned.  Thank you to those who took the time.

Of the four, 2 use the library, using it for research, donating books, reading.

This will help on how to maintain & make any changes.

Watch for the communication box which will hold preprinted slips.

Please complete and use the back for any other comments.


Feb.2015: In Nov. the floor off the

Archives were flooded…..

Archive Retreat Oct. 1-2, 2015 at Pine Lake Camp (Anyone can attend)

Rev Herman Block contribution to formation……..

Norwegian Church, Walworth WI…….

Christmas Singing Tree……..

are topics of this issue.

Read more at our library, the copy will be in a binder.